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News from Central

Police Assault and inhumanely arrest female political supporter.

On 10th October 2015, Fatuma Zaina Abalinabyo, the Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources79 of the Forum for Women in Democracy (FDC) party was brutally assaulted by police officers after she loudly criticized police’s inhumane handling of her colleagues.

Around four female officers and four male officers converged around her to effect her arrest and started pulling her legs, hands, and clothes. In the process, the cop who was pulling at her blouse tore it, leaving her in a bra – which also later came off - and the one pulling her legs brought down her trousers – exposing her private parts, all in the full glare of the cameras. She was finally completely undressed81 and only remained in her panties – which were occasionally also slightly pulled down once in a while during the manhandling by the police.

Naked; Zaina was dragged on the tarmac towards the police vehicle and she could be heard crying out for help, “Why are you undressing me? Why are you undressing me? Why are you undressing me? You ashame me in public! You undress me? You ashame me.” She was finally pushed under the seats of the police patrol pickup and tied with ropes. An eyewitness seated on the same police pickup is heard cautioning the police officers, “You people, you must respect human beings. Why do you arrest a woman like this? Are you nuts? Arresting someone does not mean that you take her like a cow